Wednesday, February 05, 2020

holy crap—123 kg!

Today was another fasting day. Caloric deficit: 2556 calories, and another kilogram down. I started at 128 kg, and I'm now at 123 kg. It's certainly not because I'm doing keto correctly, but what I am doing is strictly adhering to the fasting regimen: intermittent fasting on a 16:8 schedule for the days on which I eat, and 24-hour fasting (midnight to midnight) on my actual hardcore fasting days (MWF). No plateauing yet, but I expect a plateau soon. My lowest weight in recent years has been about 115 kg; let's see whether I can drop below that floor.


John Mac said...

I really admire your commitment. I've never done fasting. Even the intermittent fasting routine overwhelms my self-discipline when hunger pangs come calling. The best I've managed is to skip a meal, usually lunch.

Is there a secret you can share about overcoming the desire to eat? Is it just a matter of dedication to losing weight overcoming the craving for food? Either way, well done!

Motorrad said...

Excellent job! I am convinced that a large part of Atkins' effectiveness is that if the diet is strictly followed, you don't eat very much. Once ketosis kicks in and the insulin cycle is broken, you dont get hungry. The diet is also boring if you dont get ambitious with exotic low-carb pizza dough and pancakes. I am at the point in atkins that I would rather not eat than eat another egg or burger party with mayonnaise. I'm down from to 221 pounds from 228 so I've got another 50 to meet my high school weight goal. Keep fighting! Kevin.

Kevin Kim said...


Thanks. Your questions deserve a blog post of their own, so please expect that soon.


Congrats on your own weight loss! I reckon I've got 70-some more pounds to go. Good luck to us both.