Saturday, February 15, 2020

a climate-predictions retrospective

Canada, like everyone else involved in the wild-eyed wing of the environmentalist movement, has engaged in the stupid game of making dire predictions about the end of the world. The following video holds Canada's feet to the fire as it examines six specific predictions made back in 2001 about where we'd be today. Watch and laugh.

Note what the video deems uncontroversial: temperature rises since the 1800s, the existence of large amounts of pollution and other forms of waste, the effect of human activity on the environment, etc. The video basically takes the position I've taken, to wit: there are plenty of actual environmental problems to deal with without having to resort to stupidly exaggerated doomsday predictions. Let's focus on what is and not on what we think will be. As the old wisdom goes: if you can't even predict next week's weather, what makes you think you can predict climatic trends over the next century? We haven't even begun to reckon with the likely billions of factors that must be considered for proper climate modeling. Smug dogmatism by climate-change fanatics is embarrassing and unbecoming.

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