Friday, February 07, 2020

OK, I lied

I said I was done with Nancy Pelosi and her childishness, but I guess I wasn't. I wrote the following poem and tried to publish it as a comment to an Instapundit post, but the commenting software has been holding my poem for approval—maybe because the word "hentai" triggered a spam warning. Anyway, I'll place the poem here to give it a home:

Pelosi goes to hentai hell
The octopi await
With avid tentacles prepared
To violate her gate

She drops into a writhing mass
Of stout molluscan arms
That yank her wrists and ankles wide
So to explore her charms

But right before the tentacles
Can plunge into her hole
They scrutinize her crotch and see
That Nancy is quite old

Her leathery and rotting snatch
A maggot-ridden bane
A moldy, misbegotten cave
Of leprosy and pain

With that, the tentacles conclude
Pelosi is too grim
And so, just like the Donald's speech,
They rip her limb from limb

If you're one of my innocent, virginal readers who has never heard of hentai "tentacle porn," then here's a link that will educate you in a single click. I don't normally like to blog about my sexual proclivities, but let me say that I find nothing stimulating about cartoons depicting women being violated by alien tentacles (the precursor is arguably those famous classic Japanese paintings of the women seemingly engaging in sexual congress with giant octopi). If anything, I find tentacle porn hilarious: it makes me seriously question the nature of Japanese sexuality. (Are the tentacles stand-ins for dicks?) I know we're supposed to be open to other cultures, but I honestly can't relate to any of this. Maybe certain sheep-fucking elements in Western society might see the charm in banging a mollusc. I don't know.

UPDATE: Instapundit's comment moderators apparently don't appreciate free speech. My comment was deleted. Nixed. Suppressed. Disappeared. Omertà'ed. I'm disappointed.

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John Mac said...

It's a funny poem, no idea what triggered the Instapundit mods. Shame on them!

I enjoy Japanese porn, but I have never like cartoon porn of any genre. But all that talk of tentacles reminded me of what the Filipina bargirls call Korean men: triple three. 3 inches, 3 minutes, 3 thousand pesos.