Thursday, February 06, 2020

Tim Pool re: the fallout of Pelosi's SOTU-shredding

All the smart people are saying it: Nancy Pelosi made a huge mistake when she theatrically ripped up a copy of Donald Trump's State of the Union address. While certain people on the left might think Pelosi was being defiantly heroic, most sane people—including many Democrats, as Pool contends above—realize that all Pelosi accomplished was the driving-away of potential voters and the further besmirching of her own party. It's the moderates and the independents who matter when the country is so evenly polarized, and that's the very demographic that's going to be repulsed by such a stupid, vain gesture.

ADDENDUM: I'll say this for Pelosi, though: what she did was Trumpian in its media-manipulating effectiveness. If her goal was to siphon attention away from the president, she accomplished it: everyone is talking about her gesture. I've already given my two cents, but all I did was put her obnoxious deed in perspective, calling it the equivalent of what Republican Joe Wilson did to Barack Obama ("You lie!") in 2009. And, really, that's about all the attention I plan on paying to Pelosi's paltry attempt at grandstanding. Now comes the karma.

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John Mac said...

It's even sadder now that there is evidence this wasn't a spontaneous action. What a cunt. Someone should write a poem mocking her. Oh wait, they did!