Wednesday, February 19, 2020

possible tee design

I doodled the three characters that make up the word hapkido (harmony-energy-way: the way of harmonizing energy, e.g., moving with and not against an opponent's attack), the Korean integrated martial art (percussive + grappling).* My boss is a third-degree back belt in the discipline, and he's also given me many gifts over the course of our working relationship, so I'm thinking about giving something back in the form of a tee shirt. The only problem is that my boss prefers to wear hanbok (traditional Korean clothing) instead of Western clothes, so while I could make a tee-shirt design for him, I doubt he'd ever wear the tee. Instead, I might make tees that can be worn by his wife and two young sons. Anyway, here's the design:

I might have to scoot the red dojang (stamp) over a few millimeters.

*These are the same three Chinese characters used in the name aikido, the designation for a Japanese martial art that is distinctly different from hapkido. The latter Korean fighting style combines linear percussive movements with circular grappling movements; the Japanese style, by contrast, focuses much more exclusively on holds, locks, and throws, with almost no percussive movements in its syllabus.

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