Monday, February 17, 2020

shilpae (실패)—failure

I tried going to nearby Samsung Hospital today to visit their orthopedic division. Took a cab from my place to the hospital, which is a bit more than a kilometer down the road from where I live—easy walking distance, but with walking now being a problem, I had little choice but to catch a ride. I limped into the hospital's airport-like entrance and was immediately confronted by a phalanx of gowned and gloved staffers who took my temperature before pointing me over to a special table. I went over to the table, was told to slather some antibacterial lotion on my hands, and was given a disposable mask to wear inside the building. I wandered over to a bank of work stations labeled "Without Appointment," and I spoke with a masked, gray-haired lady about what I needed. "Sorry," she said, "but you need to make an appointment if you're here for the orthopede. You also need to bring along your insurance paperwork." I asked whether I could make an appointment online; she shook her head ruefully. Nodding, I turned around and limped out of the hospital, now determined to visit a simple ortho clinic like the one I'd frequented in Daegu, back when I'd had that hip problem. (My boss had suggested as much.) Such clinics accept walk-ins and don't demand insurance papers; plus, the treatment is rarely that expensive, although I imagine that I'll have to pay a pretty penny if I end up receiving an orthotic boot. No biggie. Better a boot than nothing.

There's a light, obnoxious dusting of snow on the ground today, almost but not quite enough to make walking a slippery affair. I plan to remain indoors as much as possible, but the ortho clinic I just looked up is located right up the street from where I work, so I might have to walk that distance—from the clinic to my office—tomorrow morning when I visit. For today, I've got a New Balance walking shoe on my left foot and a durable sandal on my right foot, exposing my blackened toenails to the frozen world. I feel kind of sorry for my right foot, which seems to take more abuse than the left one does.


John Mac said...

" I feel kind of sorry for my right foot, which seems to take more abuse than the left one does."

Just like in politics!

Good luck at the clinic. Do you think they will insist on confirming your self-diagnosis before prescribing the boot?

Kevin Kim said...

Yes, they'll want to do their own examination.