Saturday, February 29, 2020

mandatory break

It's getting serious here. I just got word from the boss that the government has ordered us to shut down, period, for all of the coming week. This order applies to all hagweons, not just to my company. When I got the text from my boss, I wanted to text back to ask what this meant about pay, but the boss followed up his text with a call, and he confirmed the sad news that this would be unpaid leave. He did, however, negotiate things with the HR department such that we would take Monday through Wednesday off, but come in to work (paid!) on Thursday and Friday. This shutdown could theoretically last longer than the coming week.

In other news: I saw via my usual sources that a high percentage of Shincheonji Church members have tested positive for COVID-19. The cult's aged founder, who is apparently seen as Jesus' return or rebirth or something, just lost his brother to the coronavirus the other day. So much for miraculous healing powers, I guess. A lot of normal Koreans are furious at the cult for the role it's played in the spread of the illness.

I suppose I'll enjoy my imposed vacation by taking tentative short walks, working on my book project, and catching up on the many movies in my iTunes and Amazon Prime Video queue. I'll also be cooking up some healthy grub to keep me alive while I while away the time. Stay healthy and safe, all.

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