Sunday, February 09, 2020

Joe McPherson takes on "Parasite"

Joe Mac writes a blog post titled "Cultural Details You Missed in Parasite." It offers much food for thought. "Parasite" has turned out to be at least as symbol- and trope-rich as "The Matrix," but in a way that will appeal to poli-sci hounds, not to religious-studies students.


John Mac said...

Not sure if you read PowerLine blog or not, but I saw this take on Parasite there this morning:

Kevin Kim said...

Interesting. The author mulls over and dismisses the possibility of discrimination against the Korean ensemble cast. I recall feeling disappointment when I saw that "Parasite" had been nominated for several Oscars, but not for anything acting-related. It never even occurred to me that the reason for the snub might be racism. I simply found the omission disappointing.