Sunday, February 02, 2020

Brexit's aftermath

"Why the EU Fears a Resurgent UK":

Styx on Brexit and a hoped-for cascade of other exits from the EU:

The next step will be the EU's petty attempt at revenge. In an effort to show the UK how wrongheaded Brexit is, the EU states will do everything in their power to make the reestablishment of trade and travel arrangements as difficult and unwieldy as possible. That way, with EU/UK arrangements mired in bureaucracy, the EU can say, "See? We knew this is what would happen!" This is why it's absolutely imperative for the UK to look initially elsewhere as it makes and remakes its deals with friendly countries around the world. The US, especially under Trump, is prepared to be the UK's best buddy, and I hope this does indeed happen. The UK should also forge partnerships with countries in Eastern Europe, as well as with countries well outside of Europe. With those ties established, and with proof that a healthy, vital UK economy can exist post-Brexit, the UK can then turn to the EU nations and contemplate mending fences. In the meantime, the EU ought to be the UK's lowest priority as it re-networks with the rest of the world.

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