Sunday, February 16, 2020

more leftie racism

Leftists love to portray themselves as the tolerant ones: it's exclusively the righties, after all, who preach hate and bigotry, yes? I suppose we all want to be the heroes of our own narratives, but sometimes it's necessary to hold up a mirror so that the self-deluded can take a good look at their own ugliness... assuming they can see through the veil of their delusions.

As you know, I've put together an impressive list of black conservatives on YouTube, and those good folks can tell you first-hand about the racist abuse they receive from the so-called compassionate, inclusive left. I've shown you Jon Miller's video in which he highlights a few examples of the neverending stream of racist vitriol he has to endure; below, I have a video from The Right Brothers, in which they take advantage of Valentine's Day to showcase some of the "love letters" they've received on Twitter:

I share the brothers' amusement at the constant use of the term "Uncle Tom" as if that were some kind of racial epithet (see more here). The brothers also quote Epictetus, a Stoic philosopher, who contended that the person who can make you angry has power over you. I went looking for the quote online and discovered a plethora of quote-related memes.

Here's one:

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