Monday, February 17, 2020

Tim Pool finds Michael Bloomberg "horrifying"

Probably a good video to watch from start to finish:

Pool describes Michael Bloomberg as "ten times worse" than Trump in terms of personal qualities, e.g., misogyny and bigotry. Bloomberg is using his vast personal wealth to buy his way to the Democrat nomination, and there's a good chance he'll try to buy his way into the Oval Office. While plenty of us long ago lost faith in the electoral system, Bloomberg represents, even for us cynics, the final nail in the electoral system's coffin. If this man wins the Dem nomination and then goes on to win against Trump, it's over. The American dream, tattered and bloodied and abused as it is now, will receive a bullet in the head. Pool worries, though, that in their desperation to win against Trump by any means necessary, the Dems will have sold their collective soul by elevating a man like Bloomberg.


John Mac said...

It seems to me the Dems sold their soul with the bullshit impeachment fiasco. But yeah, Bloomberg is so transparently awful it would be shocking to see the Dems actually embrace him. Then again, Sanders is currently leading, so that tells you how fucked up the left has become.

$bill said...

The election is Trump's to lose. Bernie supporters-- think AOC-- are a small but vocal minority of the Dems. They have little in common with centrist Dems like Clinton, Biden, et al., and will not come out to vote if Bernie is again denied the nomination by the DNC and the leftist establishment. Similarly, the majority of Dems who would come out to vote for Joe Biden or even Bloomberg/HRC will not come out to vote for Bernie, whom they disdain and dislike for hijacking their party and leading it in an untenable direction. They cannot unify behind any one candidate this year, and will lose as a result. The impeachment, which many sensible people quite rightly regard as a wasteful and stupid partisan effort, cost them a lot of political capital.

National elections in the states are won in the middle. It is the "silent majority" of moderate folk who deliver control to one party or another, and these people are not inclined to vote Dem this year. The economy is basically going well. The stock market is up. Unemployment is down. It's not perfect-- the bottom 60% of Americans by income have basically seen their incomes stagnate over the last 30-40 years, but they aren't going to suddenly abandon Trump. Trump "gets" them, as can be seen by his appearance at the Daytona 500. A leftist elitist like Obama or Warren wouldn't dare make such an appearance-- the crowds would vigorously jeer at them and boo them-- but Trump takes a lap around the track in his limo and lots of folks dig that.

Trump will win again in 2020, and may even recapture the House. The Dems showed very clearly with the impeachment fiasco that they care more about power and their own party than they care about the country. Their reaction to the election of Trump follows a pattern that has been repeated throughout the history of western nations, in that the liberal party responds to major defeats by going harder left. When Carter lost the White House to Reagan, the left responded by fielding increasingly leftist loser candidates-- Mondale and then Dukakis-- until they came to their senses and fronted Bill Clinton, a centrist. Similarly in the U.K., when Thatcher became PM, the Labour party was lead by the increasingly leftist James Callaghan, Michael Foot, and Neil Kinnock, and as a result was out of power until Tony Blair (more or less a centrist) was appointed. The same is happening now.

Charles said...

I generally avoid commenting on political stuff here, as you know, but Bloomberg is indeed awful. I think a lot of people see that, though, and I would be genuinely surprised if he ended up being the nominee. But I could easily end up wrong--I am no prognosticator. Having Bloomberg face off against Trump, though, would be... ironic.

What seems more likely to me, though, is that Bloomberg becomes popular enough to erode Biden's support among black voters (for some reason, despite the whole stop & frisk fiasco, Bloomberg is very popular with black voters), effectively handing the nomination to Sanders.