Friday, February 28, 2020

keto gumbo for lunch

The troops thoroughly enjoyed the gumbo:

I had about 4.5 kilos of gumbo bagged up in my freezer. I thawed two bags over three days, then last night, I cut up some of my frozen homemade andouille, fried the sausage up along with some jumbo shrimp, cooked up some rice, then brought the whole happy mess to the office today: a meal for three. My boss and coworker complained that I had served them way too much beef Burgundy last time, so they wanted the ability to control their own portions this time. Gamely, I stepped back and gave them the ladle. Above, you see the bokkeum pan with two kilos of gumbo in it, plus a lot of extra andouille and shrimp.

My new coworker's wife is apparently a trained and licensed chef whose expertise is in Korean and Japanese food. To my boss's great delight, we're going to work out an arrangement in which I cook something every other month, and my coworker's wife also cooks something every other month. Sounds reasonable to me.

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