Wednesday, February 26, 2020

COVID-19: various perspectives

Charles wrote a post about the coronavirus, COVID-19, here, and he's just written another post, which also contains good insights regarding what to think and how to act as the global crisis evolves. Styx, meanwhile, offers his insights:

Styx moves slightly into tinfoil-hat conspiracy-theory territory, I think.

DW News has the following update, which is mainly about Korea, but also about Italy. The video's title, which says the World Health Organization is asking the world to brace for a pandemic, is somewhat misleading because the WHO and pandemics don't get a mention in this video (but do get a mention in the writeup beneath the video):

ring around the rosie
pocket full of posies
ashes, ashes—we all fall down!

Happy Ash Wednesday, all.

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Charles said...

Another thing to consider is that the US (as of 26 February) has only tested 445 people, while Korea has tested nearly 40,000. That's a two-orders-of-magnitude difference. Having tested that many people, I don't think it is that surprising that Korea has as many cases as it does. And I think the US probably has far more cases than the 53 it is currently reporting. Bottom line: Yep, it's a pandemic. We just may not have realized it yet.