Tuesday, February 04, 2020

Rush Limbaugh has advanced pye-am

Pye-am is the Korean term for lung cancer, and I just saw, via my leftie friend Steve's blog, that Rush Limbaugh has announced he has "advanced" lung cancer, and that he was diagnosed this past January 20, about two weeks ago.

Tulsi Gabbard elected to be a civilized person instead of being vindictive or self-righteous. Here's her tweet to Rush:

I've never listened to a single broadcast by Rush Limbaugh, and to be frank, what I have heard from him—bits and pieces on YouTube—makes me think he's a loudmouthed, idiotic blowhard, so I guess I'll be the vindictive, self-righteous dick in this case, kicking the cancer guy while he's down. Sorry, but I'm not a fan of the loudmouth wing of the conservative side of the aisle: the Rush Limbaughs, the Ann Coulters, the Mark Dices, and especially the Bill O'Reillys. These people speak in slogans without substance, and they do a lot of damage to the rightie cause. I've tried reading a transcript of a Limbaugh broadcast before; it was utterly incoherent, and it makes me wonder what it is that regular listeners see in him. I'd rather listen to the more thoughtful, intellectual conservatives: the William F. Buckleys, the Roger Scrutons, and the Victor Davis Hansons, i.e., the people who plumb the philosophical depths of what separates the right from the left (and even what the two sides have in common).

Not that I actively wish Rush Limbaugh ill; lung cancer sucks, and I sympathize. But Limbaugh is so peripheral to my daily existence that I have a hard time caring. I'll offer my best wishes to his family and closest friends. That's about the best I can do.

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