Monday, February 10, 2020

new gunboats

The feet continue to get bigger. My size 13s just arrived, and I used them during my walk to Namsan. They worked perfectly that day. These are New Balance MT410LB5s, width 4E, made for distance walking. They're pretty much the same as the shoes I've been using up to now, just one size larger to give me more toe-box room for the fronts of my toes, and more width for my constantly beleaguered pinky toes. The FedEx package had some trouble entering the country; normally, I get a message from Korean Customs asking me for more information (a passport number, my alien-registration ID number, or my made-for-Customs special release code). This time around, it was Amazon that sent me a message saying the package had been held up, and that I needed to talk directly with FedEx, not with Korean Customs. Strange, but I shrugged and spoke with FedEx, providing them with several different identifiers and hoping for the best. The package was delivered right to my door; it's a lucky thing that I was at home at the time. Normally, packages get dropped off at our lobby's front desk, and I get a text-message notification of delivery. I was lucky that so many circumstances fell neatly into place. This could have been a lot more difficult.

Anyway, the shoeses:


  1. I like the way they look. I've been wearing Merrill's for the last couple of years. They are fine I suppose, but they look like hiking shoes. I could wear those NB shoes for every day out and abouts. I'm going to have to see if I can find a pair here.

  2. New Balance works for me because it's the only brand with shoes that mostly fit my feet. Your mileage may vary. So much depends on the individual.



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