Thursday, February 06, 2020

head-trip for the symbol-minded

Below, a "Where's Waldo?" trove for those who are sensitive to things like symbolism, analogy, and metaphor. Look for references to Bush, Obama, the 9/11 collapse of the Twin Towers, the Challenger explosion, Christ (especially Catholic "Sacred Heart" iconography), Kali, the Illuminati, Buddhism/lotus imagery, Mesoamerican culture, and much more:

The comments section below this video shows that people are spooked and reading everything into this fascinating and phantasmagoric succession of images and events. All the more reason to appreciate the video's subtle power, even as we marvel at the brain's ability to find or generate patterns and meaning from a swirling sea of phenomena. Some recent commenters see the video as weirdly prophetic. It was uploaded to YouTube in 2012.

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