Friday, June 18, 2021

100 miles in 7 days

Here's a video for you:

I'm proud to say I've done more than this guy. He's happy to have averaged a little over 30,000 steps a day, but if you go back and look at my walk blogs, you'll see I've gone as high as nearly 60,000 steps, and on my crazy walks to Yangpyeong, I've done over 80,000 steps. So while I'm happy for this guy and his achievement, I'd say he's still a puny man.

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John Mac said...

Well, good for him. Now let's see him do it every day for a year.

He's way out of your league, but then, I don't know anyone that could hang with you. I remember achieving my 50,000 step hike goal and thinking "I'll never do THAT again!"

The issue for me is stamina. A three-hour walk is about my max. I could do 30,000 a day as long as I broke it down into morning and afternoon walks. My goal is to average 20,000 which I can attain by taking a long morning walk, random steps during the day, and then making my beer bar excursions.

It's good to see though that walking is becoming a popular pastime. Maybe you should YouTube your east coast hike this year...