Wednesday, June 16, 2021

beard (for Charles)

I thought I had blogged this, but I apparently hadn't, so let me blog this now, for my buddy Charles and for anyone else reading this: I now appear to be losing weight fairly rapidly, and when I hit 110 kilograms, I will shave my beard. The damn thing needs to come off, anyway: it looks like a normal beard on the bottom, but resembles pubic hair on my cheeks, and I hate it. I'll still allow stubble to grow when I'm on a long walk, but I think there's a reason why I've spent most of my adult life clean-shaven. The bearded look just isn't for me.

Keywords: beard, shave, shaving, pubic hair


John Mac said...

And shaving is an easy way to lose more weight!

Charles said...


Hopefully the cheek pubes are not long for this world!