Friday, June 18, 2021

core (and other matters)

It's becoming obvious to me, as I do my exercises, that I'm progressing fine with my chest and arms (i.e., I'm on schedule according to my workout calendar), but my core needs a lot of remedial work. Exercise philosophies like Pilates emphasize the core, probably because it consists of several important chains of muscles that are vitally important throughout one's life. This, I now know, is where I'm weakest. (And that's saying something because I'm weak all over.) So I've adjusted my workout calendar slightly to reflect the fact that my core needs remedial work. I'll get where I want to be eventually, but it's just going to take a few weeks, maybe a month, longer than anticipated.

Meanwhile, I haven't weighed myself since early this week; I plan to weigh myself on Saturday, which will be the one-week mark of this ten-week austerity. I'll be curious to see how much a person can lose in a week after eating about 800 calories per day. Of course, a single week isn't proof of anything. In the first week of any diet, you're bound to lose around 5-10 pounds, most of it being water weight. The ensuing weeks will determine whether my enforced calorie deficit is actually producing results. My fear is that my body might get used to functioning at a loss, and I might end up plateauing. That would be a nightmare. I'm hoping, though, that as I ramp up my exercise (especially stair work), the weight will continue to go down. I guess we'll see, so stay tuned.

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