Tuesday, June 15, 2021

art from a former student

I used to work at a tutoring center in Centreville, Virginia, called C2 Education. One of my students, a Komerican named Nathan, apparently liked me enough to keep in touch with me even after I left the company. He had been in the habit of writing me emails every few months to update me on his life, and I guess I got used to receiving those updates, which gave me a chance to update him on my life as well. For over a year, though, Nathan stopped writing, and I had to wonder whether it was because I had betrayed certain right-leaning tendencies in my last email to him (I still wouldn't call myself a full-on rightie, but by the standards of the far left these days, I'm basically Hitler). I needn't have worried: Nathan recently wrote again after a year, and along with his email, he sent two paintings he'd done (painting is a new hobby of his, taken up during the pandemic). So without further ado, here they are:

reminds me of the Matterhorn, with its famous flank

Pedro Pascal would be proud

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Charles said...

Dang! For a hobby just taken up during the pandemic, those are pretty good!