Thursday, June 24, 2021

new illustrations for our textbook

I can show these off because they're for the company, not a private thing.

The first pic is for a chapter on chocolate:

The second pic is for a chapter on hysterical strength:

This third pic is for a chapter on Halloween—an evil spirit is scared by a pumpkin:

The next pic is for a chapter on The Kim Sisters:

And my favorite of the bunch is for a chapter on love:

I was tickled by the idea of a tiger falling in love with a deer, which is normally a prey animal. There's just something about the tiger's attempt at a smile and the doe's innocent earnestness that gets me every time I look at this illustration. Will the relationship work?

1 comment:

John Mac said...

HaHa! When I saw this one my first thought was, "That tiger looks hungry and he LOVES deer meat!"