Wednesday, June 16, 2021

post-walk weights

I went back to my walk blogs to see what my post-walk weights were.

2017: lost 10 kg, from 126 kg to 116 kg
2019: lost 6 kg, from 125 kg to 119 kg
2020: lost 12.5 kg, from 128.5 kg to 116 kg

I obviously need to dig a bit deeper to find the requisite stats, but the reason why I was looking for those numbers to begin with is that, today, I weighed myself after a decent poop, and I'm now at 116 kg. I think I was 115 kg back when I taught at Dongguk and was walking up Namsan almost every night. So this puts me 6 kg away from my shave-the-beard goal of 110 kg (my ultimate goal is 100 kg, or 220 pounds). It occurs to me that I should take some "before" pictures before I lose too much weight, just for the sake of comparison.

Expect updates to this post, assuming I find the missing stats.

UPDATE: found the missing stats, so I've updated the above numbers. I'm currently at the post-walk weight I'd been at both in 2017 and last year, but I think I'm going to drop well below that very soon. The austerity seems to be working, but we'll see how far things have gone when I weigh myself again on Saturday.


Charles said...

"Shave-the-beard goal"? Does that mean you are going to shave when you hit that goal weight? Maybe you should save just before you hit it--the extra weight of the beard might put you over the line!

Kevin Kim said...

You have to go back a few posts to see where I wrote about that.

Charles said...

I seemed to have missed that one. And searching on "shave" or "beard" doesn't show any results on the first page. Hmm. I'll have to take a closer look later. Heading out at the moment.

Kevin Kim said...

Maybe I didn't actually write about it. I may have just told people in my office that I would shave once I reached 110 kg. Sorry about that. But you see how, whenever I have a senior moment, I can now just blame it on the stroke.

John Mac said...

So, you are only weighing in once a week? I think that's smart because the daily fluctuations can be disconcerting.

Kevin Kim said...

John Mac,

I had been weighing myself more frequently than that, but yeah, once a week is probably more advisable.