Thursday, June 03, 2021

you have the thing, you see it everywhere

So I'm now numbered among the brain-injured, and as with so many things in life, when you have something (a brain injury, a new Camry), you see it everywhere. I just saw that actor Michael Hogan, who played Saul Tigh on Ronald D. Moore's "Battlestar Galactica," had suffered a brain injury after a slip and fall. Fellow actors started a GoFundMe for him and raised $350,000 to help him take care of medical expenses. A video from three months ago said he's now able to eat solid food again, albeit finely minced.

On the day of the fall, Hogan apparently thought nothing of his injury, but the following morning, one side of his body was paralyzed, speaking and eating normally were impossible, and he was cognitively impaired. I couldn't help selfishly thinking that that could've been me. Things could've been so much worse. Anyway, I hope Mr. Hogan continues to recover; he apparently improved since the fall (which happened over a year ago). I thought he was great as Saul Tigh, and it's a shame to see him brought low.

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John Mac said...

Yeah, I had the same thought--you were very fortunate that this wasn't worse. Sort of a shot across the bow rather than a direct hit. I'm glad that you are taking advantage of the opportunity to prevent a future occurrence.

Still, it's strange how quickly everything can change in life. Things that seemed important become meaningless when your struggle is to survive. Glad you are still with us and happy I can still have my morning coffee with the Big Hominid...