Wednesday, June 02, 2021

catchy tune

When I walked home the long way today, I found myself standing at a traffic light near a biker and listening to a song I'd never heard before, emanating from the biker's rather loud speakers. I normally don't like it when bikers blare music (a lot of them do this), but the tune was nice, and I filed it away for future reference. It took some Googling, but I finally found the song, and of course it's on YouTube. It's got some bluesy piano, some jazz, and some rock-like elements to it, and it's also short and sweet. Here is Peter Cincotti's "Be Careful":


  1. Catchy tune, I like it. Never heard of this guy before, but damn, his lyrics are definitely not PC. Hope the woke crowd doesn't come for him!

  2. I'd never heard of him, either. Here's hoping the wokeristas don't cancel him!



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