Monday, June 07, 2021

what 800 calories a day will look like for me

Two SlimFast shakes and a single Paris Baguette salad, no extra chicken breast. That's 800 calories. On some days, I might switch out the salad for a Soylent shake (yes, it's named Soylent, and that was quite deliberate). That's pretty much it. If I can find a way to eat in volume just so I can feel filled, I will, and I'll be sure to blog whatever solution I find. (Maybe I can gorge myself on cucumbers.)

Weight does seem to be coming off, finally, but only grudgingly. I'm wavering between 118 and 119 kg right now; I expect the austerity to bring my weight down further, and faster. That's apparently the point of this diet—it's a shock to the system that, in principle, resets your metabolism. The diet plus continued exercise ought to produce some sort of effect; we'll see. I just may be cursed with one of those bodies that gains weight at the drop of a hat but loses weight only after kicking and screaming.

I'll be honest: I'm not looking forward to this, but as I wrote a couple weeks back, I'll be doing this during the worst time of year, weather-wise, which makes this the best time to do such a thing. Hopefully, I'll come out the other side leaner, meaner, and possibly diabetes-free.


  1. Good luck! That diet seems so extreme but worth the effort if you kick diabetes' ass!

  2. My only advice would be to drink a ton of water to trick your stomach into feeling satiated. As a bonus you're also sure to stay hydrated throughout our lovely, mild summer.

  3. C,

    Yeah, drinking water is also part of how to avoid constipation (along with consuming plenty of fiber).

  4. No pain, no gain seems to be the motto of the day! Can't go wrong with salads. Have you looked into alternatives to SlimFast? (If memory serves, it's rather high in carbs.) Might suggest looking into 설렉스 웨이 프로틴 at only 2000원 a pop from Costco. Think it's slightly more at your neighborhood convenience store. 20 grams of whey isolate, the cleanest protein known to man, and zero carbs. Tastes pretty decent as well. If you're looking for flavor and satiety, I'd also suggest a tub of Syntha 6 Whey imported direct by Coupang. Tastes like an honest to goodness milkshake and will only cost you all of 200 calories. Keeps me full until dinner, too.

  5. Daniel,

    I actually have a bag of just whey protein sitting in my cabinet. Maybe I should give it a second look. I had originally bought it for use as a keto ingredient for certain recipes.

    But are Selex and Syntha specifically protein shakes for bodybuilders or actual meal-replacement shakes? SlimFast and Soylent are meal-replacement shakes.

  6. Great question. Strictly speaking, I believe Selex is a pure protein shake and Syntha 6 is a borderline meal replacement shake. Optimum Nutrition makes a proper meal replacement drink with a full range of multivitamins and minerals, as well as bountiful dietary fiber. Tastes a bit rich and doesn't blend particularly well (at leas the formula I bought a decade or so ago did, YMMV), even by my milkshake-loving standards. Syntha 6, on the other hand, is better than the average diner milkshake in terms of consistency and flavor.



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