Monday, June 28, 2021

I need some rest

My diet and exercise routine, up to now, has been pretty relentless, but I'm starting to feel it. I've become very tired of late, and despite the sugar burst I get with my morning SlimFast (or Soylent: I'm trying to use up my spare stores of Soylent), I'm starting to lack energy. I could feel it this past Saturday when I was getting ready to do my walk from Bundang back to my place: I was tired, and I didn't really want to do the walk, although I did it, anyway.

The solution I'm going with is to cut out part of the Friday workout, which means I'll be doing the pushup and pullup routines only twice a week now, Monday and Wednesday, something I already do with my core routine (Tuesday and Thursday). This might mean having to lengthen my exercise schedule yet again, but I'm OK with that. Thus far, I seem to be ahead of schedule in several respects, especially with regard to weight loss and walking. I haven't checked my blood pressure and blood sugar in a while, but it's on my schedule to do on August 14 (fasting blood sugar) and September 2 (weight). For blood pressure, I'm supposed to be at 130/87 by September 1, but I just watched a video of a guy who has an interesting trick you can do to lower your blood pressure in stressful situations. Watch this:

That's pretty impressive, and I might try it with my BP monitor once or twice to see whether it really works for me as well. If so, that's a nifty trick to use at the hospital so I don't end up with exaggerated numbers like last time. I have a hospital appointment this coming September, and since I get stressed in hospitals and doctors' offices, this trick is good to remember.

Meanwhile, I guess I continue to lose weight. I'm following the calorie-restrictive Newcastle Diet, but I do stray now and again; I've had days where I go over 900 or even 1000 calories, but because I'm walking and doing other exercises, I'm not too worried about the stray days. My MyFitnessPal app continues to scream at me (it's based largely on CICO, which I talked about the other day), but I ignore it and soldier onward. I hope the removal of the Friday workout leads to more energy; I don't like feeling tired all the time.

More later.

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