Sunday, June 27, 2021

on the culinary agenda today and July

Cook projects!

I still have leftover pitas (naan, really) from when I made Greek gyros before my stroke (don't worry: the flatbreads had been frozen, so they're fine). I've decided to foist keto hummus on my coworkers, so I'll be making that today. Keto hummus involves using cauliflower instead of chickpeas. Chickpeas aren't necessarily that bad for you, except that they're very carby, which means you can have them only in moderation. Cauliflower has become the keto substitute de luxe for several beloved foods (rice, pizza crust, potato), and while I consider myself a cauliflower skeptic, I saw a recipe for keto hummus that struck me as plausible, so I'm giving it a try (along with the keto tortillas I'd made earlier).

So today's goal is to make keto hummus and to fry up those flatbreads until they turn into chips that can be used for dipping into the hummus. Of course, they don't have to be hardened chips, but that's what I'm feeling like doing, so there we are.

Later in July, it's my month to do the cooking (we just enjoyed my coworker's wife's kimchi-jjigae, which I ate a ton of because it's low-calorie and low-carb), so I'm planning to do burgers and dogs, but keto style. I now have a keto-bread recipe that I think will work for both hamburger and hot-dog buns, and making a sugar-free chili isn't that hard. Foisting a low-carb menu on my coworkers wasn't the original plan, but you know—stroke. And I can't have a cheat day, so this seemed like the best option.

I'm also frying up some halloumi today to have along with my lunch, now that I've freed up 100 calories by having only a single scoop of diet formula in the mornings. The halloumi's been sitting in my fridge for almost two months, so it needs to be used up before it goes bad. I'm going to divide the halloumi into four pieces, then eat a single piece with every meal, along with my chicken breasts. It really sucks to be on a calorie-restricted diet, so you do what you can to shake things up. Today, for example, I'll probably have some of that keto hummus along with low-carb tortillas, both to taste-test the hummus and to avoid eating the same damn salads I've been eating all this time.

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