Saturday, June 12, 2021

a trip to the pharmacy

I remember just getting out of the hospital and trying to walk up the street to a medical-device store to buy medical equipment. It was hell. I could barely make a single kilometer. Now, I can walk 18K without much of a problem (albeit a bit more slowly than I'd like), so I walked up the street today to a pharmacy to get the meds I'd been prescribed on Thursday. (I had another day's worth of the previous meds, so I had those yesterday. Today, I start the new meds.) The pharmacy I first went to, a big one, didn't have the meds I needed, so they pointed me further up the street to another large pharmacy. I went up the street to the second pharmacy, handed over my two-page prescription, and after a brief wait, I had my meds. As they were ringing me up, the girls at the counter suddenly gasped when they saw my walk tee shirt, and I explained I'd done this route three times and would be doing a different route, along the coast, later this year. Anyway, the quality of service was good; everyone was friendly and nonjudgmental (poorly hidden judgmental looks can sometimes be a problem in Korean culture). I paid, packed my new meds into my shoulder bag, and skedaddled on out of there, mission completed. And now I have a new go-to pharmacy.


  1. I'm curious, how many prescribed meds are you taking? I've got six bottles on my desk...can you top that?

  2. They've got me on seven different meds ranging from blood-sugar and blood-pressure management to anti-platelet meds to keep the blood vessels in my head from clogging up.

  3. 1km to 18km in the space of a few weeks sounds like a full recovery to me.

  4. Certainly by that measure, I seem fully recovered. There are other ways, though, in which I'm still not 100%, including the simple act of putting on and taking off pants, which is something I used to do standing up. Now, I need to sit on the edge of my bed to do it because of balance issues, but I'm going to force myself to practice doing it while standing. It's the only way to get the brain to rewire itself.



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