Sunday, June 20, 2021's latest grammar quiz: verb tenses

I got 100% on this. Care to give it a try? Answers are after the quiz. Highlight to see them.

1. The verb tenses can be split into which 3 primary categories?

a. action, linking, and helping
b. dynamic, static, and auxiliary
c. past, present, and future

2. The continuous tenses (such as the present continuous tense) refer to actions that happen over a continuous period of time. What other name can they be called?

a. progressive tenses
b. continental tenses
c. active tenses

3. Identify the verb tenses: My nephew WAS WAILING when they ARRIVED but HAS BEEN LAUGHING at my playful dogs ever since.

a. past perfect / future / present perfect
b. past continuous / future / present continuous
c. past continuous / past / present perfect continuous

4. Choose the sentence that uses the FUTURE PERFECT TENSE correctly.

a. Seema warned me that my wax art project will have melted in the sun if I left it out for too long, and unfortunately she was right.
b. Hurry! Agatha will have eaten all the cookies by the time we get home if we don’t leave now!
c. They will have gone for a hike, but took very long getting ready and it’s swelteringly hot now.

5. Identify the verb tenses: In another week, Adiba WILL HAVE BEEN BABYSITTING for the neighbors for two years, so it SURPRISES me that their dog WAS BARKING at her like a stranger.

a. future perfect / present / present continuous
b. future perfect continuous / present / past continuous
c. past perfect continuous / present continuous / past perfect

6. Choose the sentence that uses the PAST CONTINUOUS TENSE correctly.

a. Edgar was writing a letter to his cousin when the package arrived.
b. Kenji and Anaya were freezing in their tracks after the kite flies away.
c. I was outside when my neighbor ran by, asking if anyone was seeing his German shepherd that had slipped out of his home.

ANSWERS (highlight to see)

1. c

2. a

3. c

4. b

5. b

6. a

How'd you do?

For what it's worth, my religion quizlet is still up.

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John Mac said...

It should come as no surprise that I didn't do well at all. Unless 50% is a passing grade these days...