Thursday, June 24, 2021

yet another dietary change coming

In the morning, starting tomorrow, I'm going to be having only one scoop of SlimFast (or Soylent) with two cups of almond milk. This will reduce breakfast by 100 calories and allow me an extra 100 calories for lunch. I have some halloumi I need to use up before it goes rotten, which is one reason why I'm doing this. I also want to add raisins to my salads on Tuesdays and Thursdays; it always feels as if there's something missing, and I think raisins will hit the spot. An ounce of raisins (about 30 grams) is 90 calories, so this is a decent trade-off. On the days I eat Paris Baguette salads, a loss of 100 calories at breakfast means I can eat an extra chicken breast at lunch, and God knows I crave the protein.

Week 2 is proving hard. Keeping sane is paramount. Judging by my belt holes, I don't think I lost any more weight, but we'll see on Saturday. So stay tuned.

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