Saturday, June 05, 2021

turkey-avocado sub

Don't worry; the pic will make sense in due time.

I had a foot-long Subway turkey-avocado sub on wheat yesterday. This is not keto, but as I wrote earlier, what I'm doing is basically low-carbing, not ketoing. A nutritionist at the hospital had catechized me on my eating habits, and she had asked me about Subway.

"Do you like eating at Subway?"

"Yes, I go there sometimes."

"What do you normally order?"

"A foot-long Italian BMT on white, with mayo."

"Well, you can still go to Subway, but now you'll have to order something like the turkey-avocado sub on wheat, no mayo. Get oil and vinegar instead."

"Is a foot-long still okay?"


So I ordered the turkey-avocado sub. On wheat. I think Subway actually lists this as turkey-bacon-avocado, but there was no bacon. I did get the foot-long, but I couldn't completely let go of the mayo, so I ordered the sandwich to be half oil and vinegar and half mayo. Before I realized what was going on, the lady had put both mayo and oil and vinegar on both halves of the sandwich. I'll be more vigilant next time. Sometimes you have to rein these people in, as I always do when it comes to "no onions." They tend to reflexively reach for the onions, and I have to stop them. Now I know to do the same for sauces.

A foot-long like that, with veggies (I order all veggies except onions), comes in at about 800 calories. That's more than what I usually get—my usual is two Paris Baguette salads and two chicken breasts, which top off at about 750 calories.

Above is a pic of today's brunch. I messed up the pancakes by forgetting to add my sweetener until after the first pancake was on the griddle. And the chicken sausage was rubbery as hell after microwaving; I've never experienced that problem before (sausages normally microwave just fine), but that's a reminder to pan-fry next time. The eggs were passably good, scrambled the good ol' American way, not the Gordon Ramsay way that has become all the rage among egg connoisseurs. I find that, post-stroke, I have less patience for pretentiousness. Not saying there's anything wrong with smooth, creamy eggs (if you put such eggs in front of me, I'd eat them), but your eggs don't have to be prepared that way.

I'll be heading out for a walk later this evening. I'm going to try walking from Bundang back to my place—17.5 kilometers. If I do that, it puts me several months ahead of schedule on my workout calendar, but I expect I'll have to sit down and rest at several points along the way: I'm still far from being 100%.

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