Tuesday, June 22, 2021

my oversensitive phone

One major problem with my new Samsung Galaxy S21 is its oversensitivity. If I keep it in my pocket, it inevitably turns on by itself. I mentioned a while back that it once dialed Emergency Services (119 in Korea). I've managed to avoid that problem since, but the fact remains the phone's haptic interface (i.e., its touch screen, from the Greek haptein, to touch) is far too sensitive. This isn't just a butt-dialing problem: every time I have to use the interface (which is a thousand times a day), I have to touch the screen twice to do anything because whenever my fingertip hits the screen, the screen is so sensitive that there's a kind of "slipperiness" that prevents me from hitting any of the on-screen buttons the first time around. Things work on the second try, but rarely on the first. There may be a way to dial down the screen's sensitivity; I need to look into that. Google doubtless has all the answers.

First-world problems, right?


The Maximum Leader said...

Would one of those thin film screen protectors help alleviate this problem?

Kevin Kim said...

My phone has such a protector on it, and it doesn't seem to help.