Tuesday, June 29, 2021

mask mandates are finally dropping

Pennsylvania now joins Delaware and New Jersey in lifting its mask mandate. We can only hope that other states will follow suit, and soon. In my considered opinion, the pandemic has been over for months, and at this point, masks are little more than theater. Look at the irrationality of going to a restaurant. You can't get in without a mask, but the moment you sit down and order your food, the masks come off, you eat, and then you don your masks again once you're ready to leave. Is any of that rational? Is any of that sane? Not at all. It's as if people think the virus can't get at you while you're eating and maskless. No, it's past time for the masks to come off, and since Korea tends to follow America in many matters, I expect the Korean government to tell us in a couple months that we, too, can take the masks off.

A list of states with and without mask mandates is here. The ones without are mostly red states, but to their credit, some blue states have also dropped the mandate, probably because the CDC said it was safe to do so (and why didn't these states listen to the CDC earlier?).

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John Mac said...

Even worse here in the PI and no sign of sanity returning anytime soon. I wear my mask on my chin everywhere I go, only pulling it up when I have to (like passing by a cop or needing to go inside a store).

What really pisses me off is the face shield requirement. A couple of weeks ago I was going out to eat breakfast. They had a security guard at the door (not unusual, many businesses here do) and he said "no shield, no entry." Literally 6 feet away on the other side of the door people were dining and conversing maskless. But I couldn't walk through the door without a mask AND shield that would be removed within seconds of entering. When I pointed this out, the guard just shrugged.

It's the stupidity of these measures that piss me off. Nothing to do with stopping the spread of a virus.