Sunday, June 27, 2021

the scale says 111.5 kg

I think I'd put myself at closer to 111 kg, but the scale says 111.5, or 254.6 lbs., down from a pre-stroke weight of 128 kg, or 286.6 lbs. (I didn't have a poop when I weighed myself this morning, hence the extra 0.5 kg.) I really didn't expect to have lost much if any weight this week, but I guess the Newcastle Diet is really working. I haven't weighed this little since I-don't-know-when, but it seems my evil plan to make myself disappear is succeeding. Will I lose even more weight by the end of next week? We can only hope. It might mean I can finally shave off this damn beard if I make my secondary-goal weight of 110 kg. (The actual goal weight is 100 kg.)

No delusions, though: I'm still fat, as I see by looking down at myself this morning. There are still ripples and bulges that all need to go away; my stomach still pokes out of my tee shirt, and frankly, that's going to mean losing another 10 kg at least. In fact, I'm thinking my goal weight of 100 kg may need to be readjusted down to 90 kg if I'm truly to see a skinny me. I wonder whether I can reach 90 kg in another eight weeks.

So that's the news this morning. It's pretty good news, I'd say, but I've still got a long way to go, so we're not there yet. Eight more weeks of calorie-deficit hell.


John Mac said...

I'd say it is great news. Seeing the diet sacrifices paying off should keep you motivated too. Good job!

Daniel said...

Inspirational stuff. You've lost almost 20 kilos since the stroke. Just keep doing whatever you're doing! 90kg is a great goal and entirely doable over the course of a year.