Saturday, June 26, 2021

I've got gym rings now

I won't be using them for a while, not for several weeks, but I now have gym rings to help me as I continue my pullup journey. I don't have any spot inside my apartment where I can use the rings, so I'm going to have to go to the park next to my building. These will be for what are called jackknife pullups, where your butt is on the ground, the rings are at about waist height, and you raise yourself off the ground while your heels are still in contact with the earth. The heels provide a wee bit of support, but this is pretty close to a legitimate pullup. I'm currently still mastering horizontal pullups (I think I mistakenly called these Australian pullups last time; those are actually more intense), where your feet are on the ground and your body is at a 45-degree angle as you do 3 sets of 25. Harder than it looks, as I said before. I may have to change my schedule again to allow myself more time to master them. For my core, I think I've finally mastered the leg raises, so I'm moving on to frog raises next week: these are like leg raises, but you do them with your knees somewhat bent on the way up, then you straighten your legs on the way down. 3 sets of 30. Not going to be pleasant.

I'll do my Week 2 weigh-in after tomorrow's long walk, so stay tuned for that. To be frank, I'm not all that optimistic. I don't feel as if I lost any weight over the course of this week.

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