Wednesday, June 30, 2021

find the comma splices

Look at the following annoying sentences (from here) and find the comma splices:

His point is that scientists and science are important, but relying only on “The Science” for decision making is both dangerous and foolish. Science is a methodology for proposing well-developed answers to questions about natural events, it is a tool for proposing answers, not the answer. Skeptical scientists will try and disprove any proposed answer or theory, it is their duty.

I'm also not happy with "decision making" written as an open, unhyphenated compound. But maybe that's just me and my old-school way of thinking.


John Mac said...

The science is settled, Kevin. Haven't you heard that grammar is yet another example of white supremacy?

Charles said...

The commas after "events" and "theory" are splices. I'm also not a big fan of the colloquialism "try and" (do s.t.) in writing. Whatever happened to trying to do something?

Kevin Kim said...


Correct. And you win: you are officially more old-school than I am.

John Mac,

And God knows I am #OhSoWhite.

Charles said...


Things are looking good for my campaign for Pedant of the Year.