Thursday, December 16, 2021

11 p.m. has come and gone

As of 11 p.m. this evening, I have officially fasted for seven days. Didn't know whether I'd make it this far, but apparently, I'm still alive. So that's something.

Would I do this again? Certainly not anytime soon, and as I said earlier, probably not for more than five days. I'll leave longer fasts to the Hindu ascetics.

I'm looking forward to my doctor's appointment in the morning, although I'm pretty sure my A1c numbers are going to be shit.* Everything else ought to be spot-on, though, and then I get another three months until my next appointment. Hooray.

More than the appointment, though, I'm looking forward to eating something. The Subway down the street from where I work is now gone, so I'll have to look elsewhere for sustenance.


*Your HbA1c average (glycated hemoglobin, i.e. blood sugar) is a three-month average. Over the past three months, I spent a whole month walking Korea's east coast and eating pretty much whatever I wanted. While the walk itself did much to tamp down my blood sugar (as such walks do), I can't guarantee that the blood sugar got tamped down to really low levels. Then I spent two months flailing around before finally settling on the carnivore diet, so honestly, I don't think my A1c is going to be nearly as good as it was during the previous three months, when I was on the Newcastle diet. While that diet contained some sugar (in the form of diet shakes), the caloric restriction was severe, and this showed up in my numbers. My A1c, back then, was an astonishing 5.7, which is the high end of normal (i.e., nondiabetic). The docs, being cautious and conservative, didn't say I was out of the woods, though, and I actually think they're right. This three-month period, I think I may have crept a bit back into Diabetesville, but again, we'll see what the A1c is like. Hopefully, they won't adjust my meds any. I'd hate to have meds added back after the docs gamely took one med away last time.

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