Wednesday, December 15, 2021

"a rant on the Biden economy"

I'd recommend that you read the whole thing, but here's part of it:

The economy won’t get better in the near term because the people at the top of the Biden Administration don’t seem care if the economy gets better.

Inflation is running at the fastest pace on record, and Biden Administration cronies are busy trying to gaslight the American people by claiming it doesn’t exist or is “transitory” or [is] not that bad for poor people.

The thing the Biden Administration is most concerned with is [social-justice] garbage that the rest of America is actively hostile to.

$5 a gallon gas? They don’t care. If they cared, they wouldn’t have killed Keystone. They want oil prices high so they can force conversion to the Green New Deal schemes that they seem to have numerous investments in (see, for example, John Kerry’s investment in Hillhouse China Value Fund).

Milk increase by 40% or 50%? They don’t care. Few of them have children, and an additional $20, $50, or $100 a week for basic necessities has no effect on their lifestyle.

The thing the Biden Administration seems to deeply care about is graft, fraud, social justice, transexualism, pronouns, and protecting the inroads Critical Race Theory has made into America’s educational system. Victimhood Identity Politics, [a.k.a.] wokeism, [a.k.a.] Critical Race Theory, [a.k.a.] “Sex as Social [Construct,”] are all part and parcel of the “Successor Ideology” that is the new religion of America’s [left-wing] elites. They regard fighting American parents who oppose CRT as [a] much bigger political priority than opposing Communist China.

That, and letting in millions of illegal aliens to provide new Democratic Party voters via amnesty down the line, and imposing vaccine mandates on an [already-reeling] economy.

Trump wasn’t perfect. He didn’t restrain government spending and took too long to wake up to the threats posed by CRT[,] etc.[,] to the republic. But he did care deeply about America having [a] robust and growing economy with low unemployment, and [he] set about implementing polices (selective deregulation, renegotiating trade agreements, controlling illegal immigration to increase American wages) to help grow the economy, despite being hampered by [...] the Russiagate hoax.

His successors in the White House seem to want to undo every Trump policy that helped grow the economy simply because they were Trump policies. They’ve made everything worse.

Democracy is the theory that the common people know what they want and deserve to get it good and hard.  —HL Mencken

Of course, whether Biden was democratically elected is another matter....

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