Friday, December 31, 2021

the New Year's Eve plan and beyond

I'm gonna walk out to the Tan Creek (Charles long ago suggested translating Tan-cheon/탄천 as Coal Creek) Friday night so I can see the Lotte World Tower live at midnight. Will the Tower be as lame as last year? I hope not. 

Saturday morning, I'll be doing a 25K hike with my buddy JW down to Bundang; maybe there'll be photos. JW likes the idea of "starting the year off right" with a big walk; he's been like this ever since I got him addicted to distance walking. Last year, I was lazy and didn't walk on New Year's Day, but this year, I think I'm going to go along with JW's idea.

I think I had said, earlier, that I'd restart my dietary discipline on January 2, but that's a Sunday, so Sunday will instead be my last hurrah before restarting the discipline on January 3. A reminder of what the discipline will involve: MWF carnivore OMAD (one meal a day) @ 1986 calories max (yeah, I'm bringing back caloric limits); TR fasting; morning shake on Saturday, then nothing else; regular keto food on Sunday. Simple. 

Walking will continue as it did last year: MWF 140 minutes; TR 80 minutes + 1.5 staircases; long walk on Saturday; jump rope on Sunday. I still haven't figured out how I'm handling strength training, but I think I'll spend most of January trying to figure out what I can still do despite my shoulder. I also need to create calendars for my various other projects (books, learning Spanish, learning videography). That might also take most of January, although I do already have timelines for two of my book projects.

Elements of this blog post will be repeated in later blog posts.

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