Saturday, December 11, 2021

lessons learned

Today's walk was educational. Within twenty minutes, I realized I wouldn't be able to walk a full 25K. Nearly sixty hours of fasting may have made me sleepless, but it had also made me weaker. As I continued walking and thinking about alternative routes, I also realized I wouldn't be walking the shorter 18K route to Bundang, either. So I did an even shorter, circumscribed route that took 160 minutes to complete. I'd estimate the distance as nearly 12 kilometers (Naver Map says 11.7 km). 

I wasn't exhausted by the end; my knees didn't buckle while I was walking. Nothing dramatic happened, but I could feel the underlying weakness of an incipient crash coming, so I took my time, walked a shorter route, and that was that. I'm not going to be presenting any new numbers this evening; the truncated walk makes that unnecessary—I doubt there were any significant changes. Expect numbers tomorrow at noon, before I head off to the office to get some more work done. Out of curiosity, though, I did weigh myself post-walk: 104.5 kg, i.e., another kilo lost. Some of that was doubtless peed out earlier in the day.

So today's walk showed me my limits. I think I'm going to restrict myself to very short walks on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday, and depending on how weak I'm feeling, I might reduce my stair work to just a single staircase: I don't want to faint in that stairwell.

More numbers tomorrow. Stay tuned. Right now, I'm thinking I can power through the rest of my seven-day fast as long as I reduce my activity. We'll see.

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John Mac said...

I can't say I'm surprised that this would be one impact from a water diet. Still, it seems almost heroic to me that you were able to get out there and make the effort at all. I'd be curled up on the bed in despair.

Good on you for having the sense to listen to your body and reduce your physical activity goals. You are going through this fasting hell for your health, so don't push yourself to the brink of exhaustion. No doubt you'll still see significant improvement in your stats from fasting even with lower levels of exercise.

Hang in there!