Thursday, December 30, 2021

be sure to read the whole thing

From American Thinker:

Biden's comments about air travel create massive instability in America

One of the hallmarks of a failed country is that people cannot make plans for the future. In a stable country, people have jobs, save money, get married, have children, invest in homes, start businesses, travel for business and pleasure, and do hundreds of other routine tasks because they know that the underlying status quo of their country will be the same from day to day and year to year. That stability breeds prosperity and happiness.

In a tyranny, the future is too unpredictable to allow for any long- or short-term plans: money is devalued[,] and laws regarding everything from jobs to speech to travel change on an arbitrary and capricious basis. And none of those rules applies to the nomenklatura or politically favored class.

COVID has jettisoned the deliberation and stability that the Founders envisioned for a constitutional American republic. Instead, we have a gerontocracy: government by old people scared of a virus, desperate for power, disdainful of ordinary Americans, and deeply corrupt, whether morally or financially.

And still the left natters on about how the right is guilty of fearmongering.

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