Thursday, December 23, 2021

a post is coming

Among the posts I need to do before the year ends are (1) a year-in-review post (because if ever there was a year deserving of such a post, it's 2021, which proved to be way more exciting than it should have been), (2) an assessment of fitness goals met and fitness goals to be set for next year, and (3) a listicle of new-year's resolutions as we face the yawning gulf that is 2022, yet another Year of the Pandemic on the Leftist Lunar (Loony) Calendar. In theory, all of the above could be combined into a single post.

Here's something you'll love: one of the textbooks our team worked on, long ago, contains a reading passage about pandemics through the ages. One of the things the passage notes is that previous pandemics have lasted centuries. So if you think you're getting out of this pandemic in your lifetime, well, maybe you are, but there's a chance you're not, so prepare accordingly.

And with that lovely thought...

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John Mac said...

The sheep are beginning to awaken. COVID is not going away, but tolerance for the government's inept restrictions is wearing thin. I hope to see the People reclaim the power and control over their lives and bodies in this lifetime.