Thursday, December 16, 2021

fasting, Day 7.5: numbers

I'm at Samseong Hospital. After my blood draw and urine sample, I went to a drink machine, got myself a Chilsung Cider and some sort of Tropicana strawberry drink, and broke my fast. The sugar and nutrients are making their way through my veins as I write this. 

Final numbers:

Weight: 100.5 kg
BP: 133/78
Pulse: 79
Blood Sugar: 76

The scale was funny again, wavering between 101 and 100, so I split the difference. BP was a bit disappointing, but a diastolic of 78 was nice. Blood sugar was a point above yesterday's, and pulse was once again high despite breathing exercises, which don't always seem to work. 

At the hospital, my BP was recorded as 144/68, with a pulse of 99. Utterly bizarre (super-high diastolic, super-low systolic), but not surprising. Pulse isn't surprising, either, given how stressed I am at hospitals.

I had to come in early to get my blood drawn, but despite arriving at 9 a.m., it wasn't until about 9:30 a.m. that it happened. I hope that's not a problem. Blood work here normally takes about two hours. 

For now, I sit and wait. More updates later. As I mentioned before, I'm very interested to know my A1c score, but I doubt it's going to be great. I'll be happy if it's in the 6 range (it was 5.7 last time), but I won't be surprised if it's jumped up to the 7s. If it's in the 8s, I'll be shocked: I don't think I've misbehaved that badly. 

We'll soon see. Everything will be revealed.

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