Tuesday, December 14, 2021

the crash

I think it's safe to say the crash has finally arrived. I can barely keep my eyes open as I type this, and it's now too late for me to get any food into my body because tomorrow, I'm required to fast before my Thursday blood work. Shit. So I'll do my best to power through tomorrow, or maybe I'll even call in sick from work (my boss saw how tired I was today and offered going home early as an option). We'll see how things are in the morning. Right now, it's very tempting to think I could spend all day in bed, but in truth, I'd rather not. My job isn't physically taxing; all I do is sit in front of a keyboard and type. There's an element of creativity to what I do, and that requires focus and brainpower, but I'm betting I'll have the energy to get through the day. Fingers and tentacles crossed.

ADDENDUM: I somehow managed to do a bunch of quiche prep tonight: fried up sausage, bacon, duck (which is a lot like bacon), mushrooms, and spinach. Tomorrow, with what energy I have left, I need to create a custard, grind up some cheese, and put together a pie crust for the quiche. I sincerely wonder if I'll be able to do all that.

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John Mac said...

Damn. Sorry to hear about the crash. I just hate the thought of being too empty to function. But to have to prepare food you can't eat when you are literally starving is practically torture.

I know you'll get through this. I'd go to work too if at all possible--it will help pass the hours and maybe the focus will take your mind off what your body is telling you.

Good luck!