Tuesday, December 28, 2021

woman on plane goes nuts about masking

I'm a bit late to the party, but in the news is this incident that occurred on a Delta plane: a woman in her 50s, Patricia Cornwall, screamed at and physically assaulted an 80-year-old fellow passenger on the airplane for not wearing his mask. Cornwall herself, as she was haranguing the old man, had her own mask down around her chin, making her a hypocrite. Cornwall was arrested and detained upon landing in Florida, and she has a date with a courthouse in Atlanta, GA.

Here's PJW's take:

I've personally experienced two incidents of mask-Karening here in Korea, but both were relatively tame compared to what was going on with this nutjob. Over at Instapundit, where there's an entry about this incident, a lot of male commenters are talking about how they'd break the "never hit a woman" rule for this woman. While a primitive part of me understands the anger and wants to join these guys, the more civilized part of my brain recognizes that the old man did the right thing by not replying in kind (not that he'd have gotten far, as an 80-year-old man against a still-vigorous 50-something woman who used to be an L.A. Raiders cheerleader back in the 90s).

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John Mac said...

I've been taking the opposite approach, but not in an aggressive way. Last night after darts, one of the girls put her mask on. I asked why are you doing that? She said I'm getting ready to go outside. I'm like, "Seriously? Outdoors is the last place you need a mask!". I'm seeing fewer and fewer people masking up of late, but damn, the ones who still do look like they are wearing a sign saying "yeah, I'm stupid and indoctrinated."