Friday, December 10, 2021

3.0 staircases

It's still early days, as all the kids say, but I decided to pull the trigger and get my 3.0 staircases over with tonight. Took 32 minutes, including two 40-breath rest breaks (between staircases) and two elevator rides, but I did it: I have officially done 3.0 staircases. At 26 floors per staircase, that's 78 floors total, 1674 steps,* no pauses while climbing. I admit I was slower by the time I was on my third climb up, but who wouldn't be, yeah?

So I've officially met one of my end-of-year goals for 2021: walking up my building's staircase three times. And I did it while shamefully heavy, too; nine kilograms ago, this would've been an easier climb. From now on, I'll do only 1.5 staircases; that really ought to be enough, aerobically speaking. Perhaps, once in a while, I'll get a wild hair and do 2.0 staircases, and if I do ever get myself a GoPro, I'll film myself, at some point, doing 3.0 staircases. But not now. Now, I'm relieved to get this done before fasting makes me too weak and too faint to make the climb. 1.5 staircases per day, here on in, ought to be doable.

I've done it! Cthulhu be praised!


*The tallest building in Korea, the Lotte World Tower, has 2917 steps. I'd have to climb 1.743 times the number of steps I've climbed to ascend the tower once. That'd take me at least an hour, and assuming I'd be a blubbering, sweaty mess by the time I was close to the top, let's say I'd take closer to 90 minutes, with minimal breaks. One news reporter wrote about doing the Sky Run Marathon, which takes you up those steps, and his time was something like 39 minutes. He claimed to be out of shape, too. Humbling.

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