Wednesday, December 08, 2021

looks as though I've already started

As of 11 p.m. tonight, I've begun my week-long fast. It won't end until Thursday the 16th, in the early afternoon, when my doctor's appointment at the hospital is finished. I'm hoping I won't be a boneless wreck by then, and that my improved health since the stroke will militate in my favor. I'm hoping that I will indeed experience greater mental clarity and more physical energy. I'm hoping to undergo ketosis and autophagy. And I'd like to lose some weight, have a better BP, and enjoy a slower resting pulse. We'll see.

I promised you numbers, and the first set of numbers will appear after noon tomorrow. I'll take my measurements right at noon, by which time I'll have fasted for thirteen hours. I'll publish the numbers once I'm at work (reminder: I arrive at work late and usually stay late).

Right now, I'm off to climb 1.5 staircases. Gotta start off right. Right?

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John Mac said...

Right! And good luck on this adventure.