Friday, December 31, 2021

giving my body a break from the festival

While I've allowed myself to go fairly nuts for two weeks after my doctor's appointment, I can definitely feel that the loosening of dietary restrictions is taking a toll. Next year, I don't think I'll be quite so cavalier. It's actually kind of scary how quickly the symptoms of being fat and eating a bad diet will return when you allow yourself to fall off the wagon for longer than a day—weight gain, blurry vision, neuropathic pain in the feet, higher resting pulse, breathlessness, frequency of urination. These are all bad, bad signs, and they may indicate just how delicate a balance my health really is. So I'll consider this another lesson learned on the road to 90 kg. 

Today, then, I'm going to Newcastle it—a shake, chicken breast, and salad—and that's it for the day: a 24-hour break from the madness. Tomorrow, I'll do my 25K walk to Bundang along the new route with JW (fasting beforehand), then enjoy a last hurrah the rest of Saturday and all of Sunday before getting back to the grind on Monday. Also today, after a late lunch, I'll do a two-hour stroll and a walk up the building staircase to the 14th floor, just to remind my heart and lungs what true effort is.

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