Sunday, December 19, 2021


It showed yesterday, and there was a tiny bit of accumulation, but today, in the sunny spots, the accumulation is already gone. Some pics from last night and today:

last night: below freezing, sidewalks lightly covered, streets clear

today on the way to work: sunny parts all clear, still some freeze in the shade and on the ground

Tomorrow's supposed to be warm enough to melt whatever remains, but this is the first significant snow of 2021. Back in the 90s, every winter, Seoul used to be in the grip of Chicago-style winds and frigid temperatures, but things have definitely gotten milder since then. So you see, I'm not a warming denialist, but I do think there's plenty of room for discussion about the degree to which warming is anthropogenic.

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John Mac said...

The snow showed? Heh, sorry, I couldn't resist. We are all human after all!