Friday, December 24, 2021

as I've been saying

If a vaccine isn't supposed to protect you from illness or prevent you from spreading it to others, what the hell is it supposed to do? The lame answer coming from our government is something like, "It means that, if you're infected, it'll cut down on your hospital stay" or some such bullshit. To me, that means your vaccine isn't a vaccine. (And, technically, the COVID jab isn't a vaccine: it's more along the lines of gene therapy.) Anyway, it should be pretty well established by now that getting the jab is no guarantee you won't get infected. My best buddy in the States got jabbed, and he emailed me last night to say he's now infected, along with his wife and son. And just to add icing to the cake:

‘95 Percent’ Fully Vaccinated Royal Caribbean Cruise Ship Reports COVID-19 Outbreak


Royal Caribbean’s Odyssey of the Seas won’t dock at the island nations of Aruba and Curacao this week following an onboard COVID-19 outbreak involving some 55 passengers and crew members, the firm said.

All passengers aged 12 and older[,] and crew members[,] have to show proof they’ve been fully vaccinated for COVID-19 in order to board the ship, according to the cruise line’s policy.

“The decision was made together with the islands out of an abundance of caution due to the current trend of COVID-19 cases in the destinations’ communities as well as crew and guests testing positive on board,” Royal Caribbean said in a statement Thursday to news outlets.

The cruise was slated to make stops in Aruba and Curacao. Now, the ship will stay at sea until its regular scheduled return on Dec. 26.

At least “55 crew members and guests, representing 1.1 percent of the onboard community,” tested positive, Royal Caribbean added in its statement. “The cruise sailed with 95 percent of the onboard community fully vaccinated.”

“Each guest’s regimen must include at least two doses of vaccine unless the guest received the single dose Johnson & Johnson vaccine,” according to Royal Caribbean’s website. “This guidance is per the U.S. CDC, and no exceptions will be made, even if the guest’s resident country has authorized a single-shot regimen for a two dose vaccine.”

So you have to wonder why the vaxx rate is only 95% if the requirement is that all guests and crew have to be vaxxed. Anyway, even with almost everyone on board jabbed twice, there were still infections. Guys, I hate to break it to you, but the jab means nothing. Boosters mean nothing. The virus will do what it will. Catch the Wu-flu, get it over with, enjoy your immunity thereafter. If your freedom is restricted because you're un-jabbed, well, I'd rather be un-jabbed and unfree, at this point, than jabbed and likely immunocompromised thanks to a defective chemical coursing through my veins.

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John Mac said...

What's going on? Surely our elite are smarter than this. Is it really all about the money? Everything that's been done to stop the spread of COVID has been ridiculously ineffective and in many cases counterproductive. For example, there's plenty of evidence that lockdowns make things worse, and yet, that is still the first response of most governments. I've never been a conspiracy theorist, but something just ain't right here.